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The Anno Sathanaas of 998 was marked with the gathering of Nocturnus Horrendus and Ignis Nox in order to create the most extreme and brutal Black Metal band ever born in Lusitanian lands.

On the same year, the first recording "Anno Domini" was released, which included the first version of "Ave Domini". this hymn was also included on their debut album "Saeculum Domini" released on 000. In the Winter Solstice of the same year, the Cult split 7"EP "Decadentia Christii" with Decayed, was ready to spread its winds of blasphemy. At this moment, the polemic and the anti-CC manifestations were strong than ever.

Violent and Brutal live performances, Extreme attitudes and above everything: the Charismatic presence of Corpus Christii, gave them in the year of 001, the gentle awards of the most hated and worst Portuguese band of the year 000 - THE Black Metal band.

In the first Equinox of the year 001, Hiberica invited Corpus Christii to join its ranks. the first "fruit" of this unholy union will be "The Fire God" - the second full-length album, out this Autumn.